25 Aug 2015
AC at IDSA 2015: Best of the Pacific Northwest

The IDSA International Conference, held this year Seattle, Washington, just wrapped up. The Anoto Creative team had a blast attending and presenting at this year’s largest event for industrial designers!

The Anoto Creative booth showcased two new technologies designed and built for creatives everywhere.

First up, the Optika DisplayCollaborate 65UHD, a large, 65-inch, high-res screen designed and tested with the Anoto Creative toolkit for collaborative ideation and creation. This beautiful display uses the best of Anoto digital writing technology, combined with Optika’s digital display expertise, to create a best-in-class device for all industries.


Next, Anoto Creative was proud to host We-Inspire as they unveiled for the first time the new collaborative design software Paper4Everyone, which allows users to sketch and write on a variety of papers, from sticky notes to standard letter forms, while the pen stores and shares all written and drawn data. Paper4Everyone draws on the basics with technological sensibilities.


We hope to see you next year at IDSA, but until then…

We'll keep you posted!

The Anoto Creative Team