Freeing up 1 day per week of teacher time using AI

Client: Time Education

Using AI to drive student outcomes

Client: Time Education

Data duplication removed from workflow using digital writing

Client: Food Standards Agency

Area: Public Sector

Food Standards Agency

Large Japanese Financial Services Company deploy 29,000 Anoto digital pens.

Area: Financial Services

Fast and effective archiving of customer contracts

Client: Sparkasse

Area: Financial Services


Improved customer service through prompt supply of information

Client: SPR Trailer Services Ltd

Area: Retail and Logistics

SPR Trailer Services Ltd

Better planned maintenance with Digital Pen and Paper

Client: EMEF

Area: Facilities Management


Safety Systems tighten up on system processes and reaping the benefits through better document automation

Client: Safety Systems

Area: Facilities Management

Safety Systems

Now 20-40 minutes is saved not having to scan or retype information into the system with a digital Pen and Paper solution

Client: Procyon Fire & Security

Area: Facilities Management

Procyon Fire & Security

Getting the message write

Client: HC-One

Area: Healthcare