aDNA samples

The below PDF will provide you with a one-sheet demo kit for use exploring Anoto DNA (aDNA) with the help of the aDNA Discovery app. This app can be downloaded free from your favorite app store.

The PDF has been designed to be printed on any good quality desktop laser printer. The aDNA has been made more visible to help withstand the uncertainties of desktop printing. With production equipment or proper proofing printers the aDNA can be functionally invisible. Please print with the highest resolution available on your printer and please also make sure that your printer doesn’t  mess with the aspect ratio, scale, or color.

The combination of this demo sheet and the aDNA Discovery app will permit you to:

  • Have an initial multimedia experience with aDNA
  • See three different applications of Interactive Paper (news, children’s stories, and books)
  • Find the winning ticket in a lottery example
  • Engage with an Interactive Product use case


Download demo sheet (~40 MB)