Work of the Board of Directors 2022

When appropriate, other employees of the company participate in reporting capacities concerning their particular areas of expertise.

The Board continuously evaluated the performance of Anoto, the CEO and Anoto’s management team. The Board held 9 recorded meetings during 2022.

The board has decided not to delegate any responsibilities to sub-committees such as Audit committee and Compensation committee. Hence the board in its entirety has the full responsibility for such matters.

The Board Members attendance at Board Meetings and Committee Meetings is set forth below:

Board Member: Number of board meetings:
Jörgen Durban 9 / 9
Young Hee (Dennis) Song 9 / 9
Anders Sjögren 8 / 9
Hyun Yong Kim* 4 / 4


*) Board Member since Jun 28, 2022