The Board

Kevin Adeson

Chairman, Independent

Born: 1964

Board member since: March 2024

Education: BA Honours in Accounting from Bradley University

Experience: Kevin’s career with HSBC began in 2006 as Global Head of Leveraged and Acquisition Finance. He then became Head of Global Capital Financing and in April 2008, took on the role of Global Head of Principal Investments. In January 2011, he became Co-Head of Global Banking and oversaw HSBC’s vast Global Banking business

Other positions: Founded Adeson Advisors in May 2023, taking on strategic advisory roles with a select group of private equity and corporate clients, and Non-Executive Senior Advisor at HSBC.

Alexander Fällström

Board member

Born: 1990

Board member since: March 2024

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University

Experience: Analyst Investment Banking Division (Industrials) at Jefferies, Financial Analyst Investment Management Division Goldman Sachs, Associate Investment Banking Division Capillar Advisory, Investment Manager NV Capital AB, Head of Tactical Equity DDM

Other positions: Chairman Enersize Oyj (publ.), Board Member LiveArena Technologies AB

Gary Stolkin

Board member

Born: –

Board member since: July 2024



Other assignments: –