October 29, 2018

Anoto announces partnership with Sana Labs for AI engine

Stockholm, 29 October 2018 – Anoto Group AB (publ) (“Anoto”) today announces that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Sana Labs. The agreement establishes a framework within which Anoto and Sana Labs will work together to bring AI features into Anoto’s proprietary education solution named C.AI (pron. Kai). C.AI, the world’s first offline AI solution in education, will use the Anoto smartpen to collect data from written tests to analyse a student’s performance and be able to provide personalized recommendations, positively affecting the students’ learning outcome, based on how the student interacted during the test.

Anoto will use the AI technology provided by Sana Labs to analyse the data collected by the pen (including motorics, time, stroke count and latency) to understand why a particular student is struggling with a particular problem, concept or question. The AI-recommendation engine finds the knowledge gaps – for each individual student – and recommends the right content, question or concept which the students need to go through in order to learn better and achieve mastery.

“Education needs help from technology. The traditional school system with one standardized curriculum is not effective for all students. There are many Artificial Intelligence companies in the online education space that brings value added services such as personalized lesson plans and predictive analytics based on learning history.

However, in the offline education, data cannot be accumulated easily, hence applying AI solutions is difficult. That is where Anoto comes in. Our smartpen is a data aggregator and enabler.
The Anoto pen together with AI and a well designed education solution is a truly unique product in the world of USD 7 trillion annual education market”, says Joonhee Won, CEO of Anoto.

To initiate the partnership, a pilot is being launched where the AI enabled C.AI will be tested on a selected student group from Time Education, one of Korea’s largest education companies with annual revenue of USD 250 million and with access to over 280 000 students. Time Education is a closely related company to Joonhee Won where he is non-executive chairman. The offline education market is valued to USD 7 trillion while the online market is sized USD 160 billion, 2% of the size of the offline market.

About Anoto Group AB

Anoto is a publicly held Swedish technology company known globally for innovation in the area of information-rich patterns and the optical recognition of those patterns. It is a leader in digital writing and drawing solutions, having historically used its proprietary technology to develop smartpens and the related software. These smartpens enrich the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Now Anoto is also using its pattern, optics, and image-processing expertise to bridge between the analogue and digital domains through an initiative known as Anoto DNA (ADNA). ADNA makes it possible to uniquely and unobtrusively mark physical objects and then easily identify those individual objects using ubiquitous mobile devices such as phones and tablets. ADNA is enabling exciting possibilities for product innovation, marketing insights, and supply-chain control. Anoto is traded on the Small Cap list of Nasdaq Stockholm under ANOT. Visit www.anoto.com

About Sana Labs AB

Sana Labs is a global company with HQ in Sweden, that develops artificial Intelligence for education. By applying recent breakthroughs in Machine Learning, Sana individualizes digital educational courses based on every student’s unique learning patterns. Education companies around the globe subscribe to Sana Labs’ full-stack ML-platform through APIs to recommend the optimal next step for each student when learning a course, – increasing engagement and learning outcomes in every given situation. Sana Labs’ interdisciplinary team consists of leading engineers and scientists with backgrounds ranging from Imperial College, Google, Spotify to CERN. Sana Labs handles content recommendations for forward-thinking education companies around the world. Visit www.sanalabs.com

For further information, please contact:
Joonhee Won, CEO – Anoto Group
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Press Contact Sana Labs:
Sofie Nabseth

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