Revolutionizing the way we teach and learn

In education today, students are assessed too simplistically, on absolute scores. Since students learn at different levels and different speeds, this practice is outdated, inefficient and incomplete, leaving students either unchallenged or overburdened.

To address this critical need for change in education, Anoto introduced KAIT – a new and innovative AI-powered platform focused on enabling personalized learning and improving learning efficiencies.

Our goal is to disrupt global education and improve efficiency for both teachers and students.

The KAIT Smart Assessment Solution

Designed for offline education use, KAIT finds the Relative Gap to assess student understanding and improve learning efficiencies. The solution is designed to reduce the burden on students by assessing them as individuals, and providing personalized lessons based on their exact strengths and weaknesses to optimally improve their understanding.

How KAIT Works

KAIT includes a smartpen with a camera, memory chip and a real-time clock; recording data 5~6 times in a second. The digital pen converts written analog data on paper to digital data and then synchronizes and aggregates it in the cloud platform’s sophisticated diagnostics assessment module. This data becomes the foundation layers for the platform’s AI algorithm.

The AI algorithm is used to recommend an individualized study path for students. This plan provides complete diagnosis to prescription, helping teachers understand the gaps in the learning journey, why they’re happening, and how to solve the issue.

Ultimately, the platform helps the teacher instruct and guide more efficiently, while helping the student understand and perform better, faster.

Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experiences of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his work – Virginia Woolf

Key benefits

  • Auto grading and auto record keeping of learning stages
  • Easy access to comprehensive diagnostics of each student
    – Intervention timing and methodology
    – Understanding the “why?” of a persistent problem
  • Adjusting time to a student’s understanding rather than adjusting students by fixed time
  • Research shows that handwriting notes instead of typing them improves information retention and creativity

Key Features

Advanced Formative Assessment Platform

  • Formative assessment using own content (content agnostic)
  • Standard paper and pen in classroom assessments


 Student Diagnostics

  • Utilize heuristic data to understand the Relative Gap in knowledge and mastery among students
  • Provides valuable insights and intervention suggestions in the Teacher Dashboard


Cognitive & Behavioral Diagnostics

  • Multidimensional diagnostics enabled with Cognitive and Behavioral analysis
  • Analyzes why a student makes mistakes


A student’s test score does not represent the student’s understanding or mastery of the topic and there are many other factors, both cognitive and behavioral, that determine performance.

KAIT is capturing those “other factors” to help both teachers and students.



Individualized curriculum from AI algorithm

  • Individual lessons adjusts speed of learning according to a student’s understanding
  • Applies machine learning on student performance and behavior profile data to recommend questions that address the root cause of the mistakes


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