Dr. Watson

Biometric Authentication and Security

Dr. Watson is our new pen with a fingerprint sensor. Our pen knows what you are writing because it has a memory chip. It also knows when you are writing because it has a real time clock and the date and time stamps are irreversible.

Now with the fingerprint sensor, it also knows who is writing.

This ability is critical for pharmaceutical industry which requires digital audits, certified manufacturing QA specialists, for the prevention of industrial spying, and for highly secure work environments such as CIA, FBI, NASA, etc.

The Biometric Pen

It uses the writer’s unique fingerprint to identify who they are, with much higher accuracy than handwriting detection and uses this information to save their handwritten information as either an authenticated or non-authenticated user.

With this ability to distinguish between users, the Dr. Watson smartpen is able to ensure that decisions are made by the right people and makes it ideal for situations where information security and process integrity are critical for success.



Identify, digitize, secure

For example, when used along with Anoto dot pattern paper, the Dr. Watson smartpen can be used to identify who signed a check, thus preventing banking fraud. It can also be used to register voters in elections, providing an additional layer of security against election manipulation.

Multiple users can register and use a single Dr. Watson smartpen even while their usage gets tracked and stored separately.

With the Dr. Watson smartpen, keeping your information and decisions secure, you can enjoy peace of mind.