Large Japanese Financial Services Company deploy 29,000 Anoto digital pens.

The customer’s sales force will use Anoto Digital pen and paper as an integral part of their new insurance policy sales process.

Anoto technology is well established in financial services worldwide. This new and exciting project with our consortium partners.


By using this solution, the customer will improve internal process handling by eliminating scanning and re-keying of contracts and will minimize paper consumption.


The Anoto digital pens, which will be used to fill in medical and personal information as well as the personal signature, are equipped with a camera for recording personal identification of customers for regulatory compliance.


  • Archiving without delay
  • As required by Civil Code, written form is satisfied
  • Usage in lending business is possible (drawing credit, etc.)
  • High acceptance, as pen and paper are a familiar medium
  • High security because of encrypted transmission
  • Savings in archiving and the destruction of contracts
  • Savings of paper, print and transport costs
  • Wide range applications beyond the signature handling