Freeing up 1 day per week of teacher time using AI

Time Education, one of South Korea’s largest education companies with over 280,000 students, runs a highly successful after-school math and english programme for K12 and high-school students. Adapting the content to each class has always been a vital part of Time Education’s student-focused philosophy: each teacher typically spends almost one day per week creating homework for their classes. Providing fully personalized assignments was unfeasible since it would require up to 120 hours per week, for every teacher.

Anoto a cloud based software solution provider based on its patented dot pattern technology. Using Anoto’s digital learning platform for offline education KAIT, Time Education started to digitize the students’ handwritten notes and added advanced analytics to better understand the root cause  of each pupil’s learning, resulting in a surge of new students. However, recruiting teachers that adhere to Time Education’s strict quality requirements, to meet the increasing demand, has been challenging and they needed to find new ways to better utilize teachers’ time.

Anoto integrated Sana Labs’ personalization engine Sana Learn, into its digital learning platform KAIT. Sana Learn measures students’ answers, response times and an array of contextual information to figure out precisely what a student knows, how they learn best and how they forget. Based on these parameters and using machine learning, the solution creates an optimal weekly assignment of questions for each student to maximize learning, simulating a highly skilled personal tutor.

Through Sana Learn, KAIT was able to provide fully personalized homework to each student, a feat that previously would have taken each teacher up to 120 hours of work per week. In addition, it freed up almost 1 day of teacher time (15-20% of a teachers’ work week) that no longer had to be spent on creating weekly class assignments but instead could be used to coach students.