Now 20-40 minutes is saved not having to scan or retype information into the system with a digital Pen and Paper solution

With this new digital writing technology, everything has got so much quicker. Before the digital pen system a form could take several days to reach the office for processing.

Procyon Fire & Security

About Us

Procyon Fire & Security have many years of experience within the UK and specialise in fire and security installation and maintenance.  Being privately owned and an independent company free from ties to a particular manufacturer, they can design the optimum system to suit a client’s requirements and budget.

No more frustration through loss or delayed paperwork through the introduction of a digital Pen and Paper solution . Loss of customer confidence and interruption to cash flow have all reduced as a direct result.


Procyon employs a team of engineers who work out in the filed completing report sheets and fire alarm test certificates. Completed paperwork was returned to the Head Office in an adhoc manner via post, typing up and emailing or by hand when the engineer was next visiting the office.

Many forms were not available for processing in the office until a week after the work was completed. Once in the hands of the office staff they would spend 20-40 minutes scanning or retyping the information into the system.


Anoto and the Management at Procyon designed a Digital Pen Solution that would meet the needs of the business, users and customers alike.  The solution now means that all forms are completed by engineers with a digital pen whilst out in the field.  Mobile phones are used to transmit the data from the pen to a back office system.

Office staff are notified of incoming information and the data captured is available for them to view and process.


  • Copy of paperwork left with customer
  • Paperwork received by the office  within 20 seconds of engineer sending
  • Faxing/posting back to office is no longer required
  • Time consuming data entry is no longer required
  • Reduction in administration time
  • Risk of ‘lost’ paperwork significantly reduced
  • Improved cash flow