Safety Systems tighten up on system processes and reaping the benefits through better document automation

No more missing paperwork – Paperwork received by the office within 20 seconds of an engineer sending it

Safety Systems

About Us

Safety Systems Distribution is the UK distributor of Bosch radio-based nurse call systems and the main UK distributor of Intercall hard-wired nurse call audio and non-audio systems.  They have a growing fleet of engineers to undertake responsive and cyclical maintenance on systems around the UK.

We looked at many other ways of getting the data back to head office but the big advantage of the digital pen system is that the engineers didn’t need to learn anything new – they can all write


The main focus for Safety Systems was to tighten up on the process of getting Engineers Job Sheets back to the office and reduce the amount of re-keying data.  Engineers would attend site and complete duplicated Job Sheets, one copy would be left with the customer and a second copy would be taken or posted back to the office for processing.

SSD were frustrated by the delay in the return of completed paperwork which had an impact on their internal systems, and the potential for lost or missing paperwork and the potential for loss of customer confidence and interruption to cash flow.


Anoto and Management at SSD designed a Digital Pen Solution and back office system that would meet the needs of the business, users and customers alike.  The solution now means that all forms are completed by engineers with a digital pen whilst out in the field.  Mobile phones are used to transmit the data from the pen to a back office system.  Data captured is then available for office staff to view in the portal.


  • Copy of paperwork left with customer
  • Paperwork received by the office  within 20 seconds of engineer sending
  • Faxing/posting back to office is no longer required
  • Time consuming data entry is no longer required
  • Reduction in administration time
  • Risk of ‘lost’ paperwork significantly reduced
  • Improved cash flow