Improved customer service through prompt supply of information

Deployed and in use within 1 month of solution discussion, SPR now have invoices processed immediately on supporting evidence of work completed

SPR Trailer Services Ltd

The digital pen has reduced the time taken to get paperwork back to our office dramatically. This has many benefits including improved customer service through prompt supply of information and service documents, improved engineer productivity. The big advantage of the digital pen system is that the engineers didn’t need to learn anything new – they can all write.

About Us

SPR Trailer Services began in 1997 as a family run business carrying out quay checks and repairs on Felixstowe Docks.  The company now employ over 30 staff and operate in five locations, Felixstowe, Immingham, Harwich, Tilbury and Purfleet, with 17 service vans and workshops in Felixstowe and Immingham.


The main focus for SPR Trailers was to streamline the current process for both engineering workers and administrators, reduce time spent completing forms and re-keying data.  Engineers would attend site and inspect vehicles, they would take notes/surveys/inspections. These would then be returned to the office and typed up in an ad-hoc way.  The system did not previously allow for ease of searching and put pressure on other areas of the business. This process was lengthy and had the potential risk of losing all or missing parts of the required data.


Anoto and Management at SPR designed a Digital Pen Solution and back office system that would meet the needs of the business, users and customers alike.  The solution now means that all forms are completed by engineers with a digital pen whilst out in the field.  Mobile phones are used to transmit the data from the pen to a back office system.  Data captured is then available for office staff to view in the portal.


  • Copy of paperwork emailed  to the customer
  • Paperwork received by the office within 20 seconds of engineer sending
  • Faxing/posting back to office is eliminated
  • Time consuming data entry is eliminated
  • Reduction in administration time
  • Risk of ‘lost’ paperwork significantly reduced
  • Improved cash flowAccurate data capture, from all vendors carrying out serving work