Maternity support services welcomes new data capture solutions

Anoto delivers a new solution to The Perinatal Institute that helps to collect perinatal information across the UK. Community midwives can collect both clinical and activity maternity information and immediately transfer the details into the maternity information system for improved data reporting and more efficient storage.

The Perinatal Institute

About Us

The Perinatal Institute is a national not-for-profit organisation set up to enhance the safety and quality of maternity care. It is a qualified provider of maternity support services, including education, training and supply of standardised maternity records.

This solution offers a quality assured, cost effective solution that can capture community data accurately and saves at least £24 of clinical time per pregnancy. With over 820,000 pregnancies in the UK every year, this will amount to a potential saving to the Health Service in excess of £20 million per annum.


With diverse IT infrastructures that exist within maternity trusts with the UK, it was difficult for The Perinatal Institute to collect all the required information, in the correct format within the necessary time frames.

By introducing the Maternity Information Digital Solution (MIDS), data can now easily be collected by midwives, that is quality assured and helps increase the clinical capacity of The Perinatal Institute.


The existing maternity notes were digitalised, looking exactly the same in content and format. Midwives were given digital pens to write on and complete digital maternity notes. All handwriting was recorded using encryption and once the midwife finished writing the notes, the information was automatically transmitted from the pen via a mobile phone, PC or tablet.

Software converts the text and tick boxes into computer readable data which updates the back-office computer system. An exact replica of the notes is also sent as a PDF format so that it can be printed off at anytime , if required.


  • Current maternity data capture methods account for £34 cost in admin time per birth, with a digital solution cost have been reduced and now £24 is saved per birth
  • Reduces double entry of information and frees up more time for quality care
  • Easy to use technology and minimal changes to working practices